Scott Grønmark: 20 November 1952 - 29 June 2020
Eulogy: St. Michael and All Angels Church, Chiswick on 9 July 2021 ‘The Director’s Cut’
by Roderick Conway Morris

‘I was born in Oslo in 1952. My father was an officer in the Norwegian Air Force, and my mother was a former fashion model from Glasgow. They’d met and married in England during the war, when he was a bomber pilot with the RAF, and she was in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. Glamorous-looking couple. He bequeathed me his height and his burliness, but I didn’t inherit either of their looks. My dad was posted to the Norwegian Embassy in London when I was six, and I’ve lived here ever since.’

Scott was fortunate to find himself in the class of the KCS Senior’s brilliant Head of English. As he recalled on the Grønmark blog: ‘I entered Frank Miles’s English class at 13, and he remained my main English teacher until the end of Scholarship term four and a half years later, by which stage I’d managed – quite miraculously – to get a place at Cambridge. We had a long discussion about my choices. 

Well, no, actually, the whole discussion consisted of the following exchange: “No, you will not do Art – you will do French.” “But I’m not very good at French.” “You will do French.” “Why?” “Because in order to go to Cambridge, you must have a language. You will do French.”’